Friday, 1 August 2008

September Sneaky Peek!

The August Crafty Goodies card kit is out right now so you can pop off and order and get stroking right here.

Meanwhile as well as the new kit the 1st of the month is sneaky peek time for the next kit! So here we go. The September kit will be a mini kit this time around and and it's called 'Fresh Start'.

There's still plenty in there even though it is supposed to be a mini kit, I'm too rubbish at saying no to picking out more bits for it but it will only be £5.00, even if I end up going over budget! lol.

The reason the September kit is a bit smaller than usual Crafty Goodies kits is because the October kit will be a Christmas kit and it's going to be absolutely jam packed! So you can grab a mini September kit and not have to feel bad having a mad splurge on Octobers!

Will be back posting some August card samples soon...

xx Leonora

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