Tuesday, 12 August 2008

First ever Crafty Templates blog challenge!

So as the title says this is the first ever Crafty Templates blog challenge. I always find it fun to play along with blog challenges so I thought it would be a fun idea to get a monthly challenge started. I'm planning to start them round about the 11th/12th of every month so they follow the release of each new subscription set so if you're a subscriber to Crafty Templates it's a great time to get you playing with your new templates or maybe spur you into having a play with older ones?
Ok so here we go with the August challenge!

August's Crafty Goodies kit has some lovely Prima doublesided papers in and I purposefully picked these out because of this. One side has lovely summer bright fun patterns and the other side I think are quite festive and Christmassy. Here's a peek of the other side,
So this got me thinking of a great challenge. Make a card that has a 'hidden side'. It could be something as simple as something hidden in a pocket or an extra opening or maybe it could have something hidden inside? Maybe something is hidden in the card like a gift voucher perhaps?
Oh and just to get the brain juice going even further I'll throw in a little bit more, you have to use the colour orange somewhere on your card (to represent the summer we're supposed to be having!) and you have to decorate your envelope too (or box if you've made a box instead).
Now I did say it was a challenge!
When you've made your card/project email it to me at enquiries@craftyprincess.co.uk either as an attachment or a link to your blog. I've got a special download set for everyone who has a go at the challenge so when I get your entry I'll email you back with a link to the download.
There will also be a draw at the end of the month from all the entries and the winner will receive a goodie box prize full of crafty goodness. I'll give you a sneak peek of that soon!
Enjoy your challenge!
xx Leonora


Nick said...

wow-thats a hard challenge Leo-I was fine till we got to orange!!!!!
But I will have a go

ENJAY said...

Hmmm, love a good chalenge, i'll se what I can think of!!