Thursday, 5 May 2011

Scrappy Ideas

I was going to add a double layout today but it's just gone ominously dark, think it might finally be going to rain! Ekk just heard a big rumble of thunder too. So anyway not good for photo taking but I do have some other projects to share already pre-photoed.

When I'm working with I kit I tend to keep all the pieces together in one box and in that box after I've finished cutting and sticking is usually a big old pile of small squares and off cuts so I put together a couple of little books to make use of the small scrappy bits and pieces.

To make the pages of the book I used plain A5 paper and cut out a 6cm strip off the short side. You end up with a square size piece and a long thin size piece. I made a large pile of the paper pieces for my pages. You can stack a wedge of paper together and trim them at once to save time. Having the two piles of paper meant I could make two books, one square for a sketch book and one long and thin for a list book.

Square Book
For the covers I used some card from a pizza box and covered the front and back of each piece of card with plain cardstock. I found out some of the leftover pieces of patterned paper and some of the netting and fabric from the Spring in Your Step kit. To begin with I added a layer of drawing ink sprayed on with a Mini Mister.

Then added a layer of netting fixing it in place with a couple of staples.

Then I added a square of paper and a sticker. I had these stickers (Crate Paper ones) on my desk from making cards so I just grabbed them to use.

Then I added another slightly smaller square of paper.

Then something else that was hanging around my desk, a lovely feather just glued on. I love adding in bits of ephemera to projects so I'm always collecting bits and pieces.

Next I added another small square of paper and some of the ribbon from the kit. I love this ribbon, I've been hoarding it!

Then another little sticker, I'm trying to use these up!

Then finally a small square of fabric from the kit and one of the rose brads. The 'ideas' title I hand stitched onto a scrap of canvas. When the cover was finished I fixed the whole book together with my Bind-it-All.

List Book
I already had a scrap of paper with a butterfly punched out of it so I cut out a rectangle around it and use a boarder punch on one edge. I used a small scrap of card and a bit of netting fabric to fix the netting behind the punch out.

Like this!

To make the cover I use just scraps of patterned paper cut to the same size as the plain paper pieces. To the front cover piece I added a bit of fabric, love the frayed edge so I kept that on.

Then the butterfly piece just went over the top along with a some of the alphabet stickers.
Again the whole book was fixed together with my Bind-it-All.

So what are you doing with your kit bits and pieces?
xx Leo 

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