Thursday, 28 April 2011

Paper Fascinators

To celebrate in style every party needs hats but why not put your kit leftovers to good use and have a go at making these fun party paper fascinators instead? You can entertain young party guests making these or make some ahead of time and scatter them or hand them around. It's just about having a little fun!


Grab your leftovers. You'll need some paper pieces, tulle and some embellishy bits. Stamp some motifs onto scraps of card to make extra embellishments if you don't have many left over.

You'll also need something for your bases. I'm using these cheap plastic alice bands but you could use hair clips or combs too.

Begin by cutting small thin off cuts into thinner strips and curling them with scissors to make little paper curls.

Cut out leaf shapes from larger off cuts of paper. Distress the edges and bend them to give them shape. If you wanted to you could doodle on them or ink around the edges too.

Cut out some scallop shapes with a die or punch and snip lines around the edge going towards the center.

Push the edges up to give it an appearance of flower petals.

Add a smaller scallop or piece of paper to the center and add a rose brad or other embellishment on top.

Make more paper flowers in the same way.

To make the bases staple large scallops or circle shapes of card to the tulle and cut them out leaving a small boarder of tulle around the edge of the card.

Staple a smaller piece on top so you can glue your decorations to it. If you try to glue them on top of the tulle directly they'll fall off.

Glue the embellishments you've made to your base.

Add some more embellishments on top to build up depth and interest.

Here's another one with a fabric flower added.

Glue the bases to your chosen hair accessory with a glue gun.

Have fun thinking up the designs and have fun this weekend if you're having a party!

xx Leo

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