Friday, 27 May 2011

Create 10 Embellishments - share your work!

Create 10 Embellishments has kicked off today. If you're working through the classes and sharing what you make via your blog, pop a link in the comments bellow and share what you're making so we can stop by and have a peek.

During the 10 days we'll be having some random giveaways so keep a peek out on our Twitter Facebook and right here on the blog as they'll be different giveaways popping up here and there.
If you've not signed up yet you can still grab your sign up token from the Create 10 page on the site,

Have fun!
xx Leo


Rachel M said...

I've made these so far. I love your Create 10 Classes, they work really well alongside the kits. :)

Rachel M said...

Lovely class again, can't wait till August! Thank you! :)