Sunday, 20 June 2010

Quick Summer Fete Kit Idea


Just wanted to share a quick idea using the Summer Fete Quirky Kit for those of you who have one at home, (these kits are all sold out now).
Summer usually whizzes by and it can be difficult to grab some time to catch the small things so I thought of this idea to make some really mini layouts that can be added to quickly and easily. You could make a whole bunch of them up before hand and add the odd photo as you take them.

Grab some of your papers and cut them down to 3x3 inches, (I'm making a 6x12 size page here but if you're making a 12x12 cut the papers to 4x4).
Use a corner rounder to round the corners of each piece. You could also use a boarder punch to make the top and bottom edges a different shape.
Decorate the squares with your choice of embellishments from the kit, don't forget to leave room for photos.
Give some of the squares journalling blocks.
Take a piece of clear acetate and cut it to the same size as your page. Use doublesided tape to fix the squares to your acetate. You'll need to add them front and back.
Pop your page in a page protector.
I've added the more dimensional embellishments I've made over the top of the page protector to give them a cleaner look. You could make up several of these pages before hand so they're ready to record your summer exploits or it could be a cool way of scrapbooking lots and lots of photos taken on holiday or on a day trip.
xx Leo

P.S if you've not already heard the news Create 10 is back for July! You can read all the details here on the main Crafty Templates site. I've been working hard this past couple of months making a ton of new ideas for you and editing them down to a refined list of 10 really cool projects. Actually there are more than 10 projects this time as there's home decor and scrapbooking versions of classes plus an extra class every day to use up leftovers! I'll leave you with a sneaky peek - this is just one of the exercise books I've been scribbling in and this is a project I've picked out that we'll be making if you're playing along in July!

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