Thursday, 15 October 2009

New Embellishy Goodies in store

I think I can say I do love to find pretty things to use in paper crafts - in fact I think I can say it's defo one of my favorite things! I've been busy picking out some of these said pretty things to put in the store. You'll notice lots of the things are packaged to not only make them look really cute in your craft space but also with a nod to another one of my favorite things, up-cycling! That's taking things that might have once had a purpose and prettifying them into new things - or to you and me cool extra freebie stuff we can use in our crafting!
The buttons come on decorative cards or tags like these that you can re-use... Most of the ribbons and laces you get dolly pegs with which you can use as pegs or you can use to hold papers together or decorate mini books like this...
I've put some of these card blanks in the store too they're from a company called Eco Crafts and they're 100% recycled. I use them a lot they're fab. They come to you from me in a little bale like this so there's no excess packaging and don't forget to reuse that lovely twine....

You could use it on one of the cards you make up like this.......
I also use recycled textured kraft paper to print up your receipts on, which you probably would have noticed if you've already got an order. You could chop out your receipt part to save and reuse the excess paper on that if you feel the need although even I think that maybe taking it a little bit too far....just a little bit... it is rather nice to stamp on to though, I did have a go at that. :)

You can check out all the new embellishment goodies in the store here. Look out for more coming in soon too.
xx Leo

P.S the new Quirky kit I'm getting asked when it's out - it should be ready around the beginning of November, there is a mailing list you can go on to be notified as soon as it's on the site, all the details on how to sign up are on the Quirky Kits page of the store here.

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