Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Hot Date Quirky Kit Inspiration

So you have your Hot Date Quirky kit and you'd like some ideas of what you can do? Julie will be along soon with some fab ideas and in the mean time here's what I made.......
The front and back covers are made with the chipboard in the kit cut to shape just using a template, I PDF'd it if you'd like to use the same shape it's here,
I also used some of the fabric, ribbon the blossom and the buttons stitched on to the front as well as covering the chipboard with some of the patterned paper. The little handles I made using the elastic threading the beads on (13 on each side) and then tying them though little holes on to the front and back covers. These also work to hang up the calendar from.

To construct the book pages I used the shaped template again and cut out the kraft card in the kit then used the roll of woodgrain tape to bind each page together. To use the tape cut it into equal strips, fold each strip in half and attach two pages together. Follow on attaching the remaining pages in the same way until they're all together.

I used the larger piece of woodgrain sticky backed plastic to cover over where the back of the sticky tape showed along the spine, cutting it to shape and rounding the corners to match the look of my book. I also added a bit of ribbon tied around the spine and one of the tags that I laminated (so it can be used over) and covered the back of the tag with the remaining woodgrain sticky backed plastic.

On the inside I used the patterned papers to decorate each page. I've not added photos in yet because I'm thinking it would be good to add photos from that particular month so when it's done as a calendar it will still be nice to keep as a record of the year.
The bottom half of the page where the calendar is I kept plain so there's plenty of room for notes. I'm thinking of using a date stamp to add in important dates to remember like birthdays etc.
I've made some little tags for each page to record details of the photos as I add them using a Banana Frog stamp and stamping it on cardboard.
There's just one idea of what you can make. Have you delved into your box yet? Can't wait to see what you make!
xx Leo

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