Thursday, 27 August 2009

'Hot Date' Quirky Kit idea

If, like me, you're so in love with your 'Hot Date' Quirky Kit that you're finding it difficult to decide on one single project to use it all up on .... then why not make something temporary with it until you decide?

Here I've used several of the papers from the kit to decorate a plain wooden clothes peg:
I was inspired to make one after watching my friend Hannah decorate a much larger peg last week. You can see hers on her blog here.

It's simply a matter of removing the spring from the peg, applying a strong glue to the front and the edges [I used Crafter's Pick: Incredibly Tacky] and placing it onto your chosen paper. Then trim off the excess with a sharp craft knife.

Once the glue had dried entirely, I sanded the edges to create a smoother finisher, then inked them to create a slight shabby feel. Finally, using the same glue, I added a magnetic strip to the back so that I can use it with my magnetic notice board in my craft room.
You can buy magnetic tape from most well-stocked craft stores, however .... the thrifty crafter that I am, I've used the strips from the back of the magnetic 'L' plates I used while I was learning to drive over 6 years ago now! I knew they'd come in useful one day!

The key reason I thought of this idea was my reluctance to stick down those very smart Elle's Studio calendar tags which are included in the kit. Using the peg as a calendar holder means that you can use the tags for their intended date-keeping purpose during that particular month ....

...but, afterwards they can then be simply unclipped and added to a layout with a photo from that month. A great way to get two uses from one set of supplies.

I'll be back with another project just as soon as I can convince myself to cut something up and stick it down!

I hope you're all enjoying your Hot Dates!

Julie :)

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