Monday, 28 April 2008

Crafty Colour ins

Yep there's something brand new and exciting coming to Crafty Templates!
Crafty Colour-ins!
I know lots of Crafty Templaters that use your templates not just as templates for making cards and paper piecing but as toppers coloured in and added to your cards. Well you might recall I made up some design sheets a while ago I featured on the blog as freebies and some people have the clipart doodles for cards I designed donkeys years ago! Well now Crafty Goodies has been launched and is nicely away it's time to add something new and it's all culminating in one big melting pot called Crafty Colour-ins, designs specifically made to colour in and add to your cards/projects/whatever you want to add them to!
You can add colour to them on your PC in a paint program or you can add colour with pens/pencils after printing them out - it's all up to you.
The first of the new sets will be available very soon and there will be a freebie starter set so you can have a play for free!
Watch this space for them arriving!
You can also look forward to the brand new May Crafty Goodies kit! This month we're having a mens card special in honor of fathers day, not only will the kit be filled with mens bits (oo err) but the new Crafty Templates set will be a special set featuring only mens cards so plenty of ideas for your masculine cards in May!
As usual, happy crafting! xx Leo


bubblegum said...

Oooh Leo - sounds all very tempting to me, can't wait to see what is coming out. :) :)

Debbie x

Kathy said...

wow, this sounds fab!

ENJAY said...

Hi Leo just post two mens cards from the kit on my blog,Footy Mad and the boots,welldone Debbie.xx

ENJAY said...

And this one.xx