Friday, 7 October 2011

Create 10 'The Collectors Diary'

We've got a brand new set of Create 10 classes this month kicking off on October 17th.

With Create 10 ‘The Collectors Diary’ you’ll be creating something totally unique to you based around your own choices. The class begins by re-purposing an old book using a selection of papers and techniques. From then on you’ll be set a selection of tasks that will allow you to fill your book pages. Your book will become a place of inspiration and a place for you to explore ideas and try out techniques.

There is no fixed supply list for this class but you will need some basic items. You can download the first ‘Chapter’ of ‘The Collectors Diary’ using the link bellow. This will help you gather together the basic things you’ll need for the classes.

You'll need to sign up to gain access to the remaining chapters via The Collectors Diary download page. You can sign up right here,

Once you're signed up you'll be sent out your password and username to gain access to the page where everything will be kept for you once the class kicks off on October 17th. The downloads are archived after the classes so if you can't make it to follow along 'live' the classes will be there for you whenever you want to access them.

It's going to be loads of fun so I hope you can play along!
xx Leonora


Suzy said...

Looking forward to this one Leo

yvette said...

I have tried to sign up, using the links from FB, UKS and your blog, but they all appear to be broken, is there another way or link I can use to sign up?