Sunday, 3 April 2011

Spring in your step Inspiration

Good morning on this fine Mother's Day.

Its Sarah Carrington (Aka Smelly on UKS) here. I am your guest designer this month and will hopefully bring you lots of inspiration on how to use your beautiful Quirky Kit.

I have my first project to show you today. The theme is very fitting as today up here in the north east of Scotland i think we have had every season, sunshine, wind, rain, hail, you name it, we had it. Everything used is from the kit except the thread and some scrap blue CS.

Here are a few instructions for making this LO.

Start by matting a square photograph onto the cream websters paper.

Next cut a rectangle of spotty paper. Round of the corners and ink the edges. Take a length of the fabric and wrap around the right hand side of the rectangle. Add the photo over the fabric strip, using foam pads to add depth. Attach the matt to the scalloped die cut websters paper.

HINT, before you glue down, make out where the matt is going with a pencil. Then see which of the flowers will be covered up by the matt and cut them out. You will have unsightly holes but you wont see them when the matt goes down.

Next hand cut out the watering cans from the other Webster's paper and attach to the bottom of the photo. Take a strip of the yellow netting and tie along the bottom of the watering cans.

Next take the yellow spotty PP and cut out a circle. Cover the circle with more yellow netting. Cut out random sized triangles to make sun rays. Arrange them around the sun. Once you are happy with the arrangement, number them as it makes it easier to put them back when you are gluing them down. I added every other one onto the page with foam pads.

Once your sun is stuck down, its time to do a bit of sewing. I made myself a little swirly template and tacked it over the sun. I used a needle to poke thru holes all around the sun.

Once you have all your holes preformed, begin to straight stitch around the sun with embroidery thread. I kept mine at 6 strands.

Next, hand draw some clouds from the remaining cream PP and attach with foam pads. Hand draw some raindrops from scrap blue CS and attach under the clouds and sun.

Next its time to decorate. I took a piece of the fabric and stuck it to CS with a wet glue. Leave over night to dry. Once dry, cut out the flowers.

At the same time, cut out the little flowers from the websters paper and pick a few of your resin flowers.

I used a hot glue gun and began to glue all the flowers in little bunches around the bottom

Take the red alpha's and add a title.

And there you go. I hope you like it and i have given you some ideas for using your kit.




Crafterkhush said...

This is really lovely...

Rachel M said...

Wow that's so beautiful! I love how you've used the fabric.