Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Mini Book Page 5

Another day another page! For this one cut a rectangle of the star print paper from the kit in a size that almost covers the whole of your page, leave a gap at the top and bottom. Draw a star shape on a scrap piece of paper and cut it out. Place the star on your star paper and spray ink and mists over the top - I went with black ink and a gold mist. Remove the paper star then leave to dry or pat dry with paper towel.
Matt your photo on to a piece of patterned paper  and cut out the paper leaving a large boarder. Round the edges of your photo matt. Take one of the larger paper flowers from the kit and cut it in half. Glue one half to the top of the photo matt and one half to the bottom. When the star paper is dry glue it to your page along the left side. Glue the photo piece to the right side of your page. Stick a piece of tape along the bottom of your photo then add your title over the top. Cut out small strips of paper and glue them along the top and bottom of your page. Tear one of the scalloped edged note cards from the kit in half and glue it upside down along the top of your page. Make a journalling block from a scrap of one of the plainer patterned papers and add it to your page along the lower left corner to finish.
Stop by tomorrow for the next page!
xx Leo

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Natalie said...

this is cool - love the misting!!!

I made some LO's from the Juicy Fruity kit that i bought last month...oh it's so coooool!!!