Thursday, 5 August 2010

Create 10 Goody Bag Prize Draw!

During Create 10 we were very good and used up all our scraps so it makes sense that we deserve a treat! If you completed any of the classes during Create 10 and have left a link either on the Flickr group on this blog or on the UK Scrappers group you will have been entered into the draw. The winner will receive this super yum bespoke kit......
It comes in it's own little bag too which you can alter if you like or use as a tote bag for crops. There's everything you need to start creating right out of the bag!

OK here we go....
The names were written down and added to a bag then one was drawn at random. So the winner is.......
Mollymoo email me your details at and I'll get your kit in the post for you. :)

I think I've replied personally to everyone who emailed their thanks for the classes but I'll mention it here too! Thank you for taking part I'm really glad that people are getting something out of the classes and it's given you ideas and motivation to use up your leftovers. :-D
xx Leo

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