Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Create 10 - Prize Draw winners!


Here are the winners of the Create 10 goodie bag draws. I've pooled everyone who completed a class together and made ten draws and the winners are:

1- Rachel M / Fizzpopbang

2- Looby

3- Susibee

4- Molsmum

5- Vixen

6- Tianne

7- Katy

8- Fay aka Beautifullily

9- Cat

10- Audrey

Now I've made another draw from everyone who signed up for Create 10. Everyone on my sign up list was given a number in order of sign up and I've used the random number generator to pick out a number for me and the winner is:


Everyone on the top list email me your details at and I'll pop your goodie bag in the post to you.
Thank you to everyone for joining in with Create 10! Look out for more info of a new Create 10 later in the year.

xx Leo


Katy said...

OMG i won i won i won wooohoooo im so excited thank you so so much, im doing the happy dane EKKKKK :D xxxx

Cat said...

How fabulous! Thank you so much xx