Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Create 10 - Get prepared for class

Here's a quick project idea for creating a folder ready to fill with Create 10 projects and classes. If you don't know about Create 10 you can check out all the details here,

The Create 10 Scrapbook Workshop starts on the 14th April but that's not a reason to sit back and wait around we can spend this time getting prepaired for class. This file folder idea will be a great way to keep print outs of each class in. Lots of the classes will include instuctions and templates for making various fun embellishments so building up a project folder will be a great asset to your future crafting you can turn to again and again as well as a good place to keep each class organised and ticked off as you work through the 10 days.
All you need to make this folder is:
2 pieces of A4 size (or US letter size) card.
A hole punch
2 book rings or treasury tags
Assorted patterned paper to decorate
Stamps or stickers for wording
A spare 12x12 page protector

Take your two pieces of card and cover the fronts with decorative paper. Here I'm upcycling some paper from packaging, (Topshop mail order has the cutest packaging!).
To make them nice and neat I've folded the edges over and stuck it down on the back with deco tape.

Next take the page protector and place it on the back of your card lining up the left edge and the bottom edge and draw the holes through at the top and bottom. Do the same with your other piece of card then punch holes using the marks as a guide.
Place the page protector back on top of one of your pieces of card matching up the holes. Trace the outline of your page with a marker pen on the page protector then cut it to the same size as your page. Stitch down the open edge to close it. If you haven't got a sewing machine to do this use some decorative tape or some masking tape.
 I've used masking tape as a decorative touch on my folder so you can add some more touches of it to make it look decorative. You can use this to fill with photos you want to keep ready to scrap or use it to keep small notes and cut out templates in as you complete the classes.
If you want to you can make and add more pages. Here I've used a spare 6x12 page protector to make a pull out class list.
Once you have finished your pages use the book rings to fix everything together. Once classes start as you print out your classes you can add them to your folder using the bookrings. If you don't have bookrings you can use something like treasury tags instead.
Finally add a little decoration to your front cover. Here I've used some October Afternoon papers, masking and woodgrain tape, a bit of lace, Thickers and a Prima canvas tab.
So now you have your pre-class task, go to it! The supply list newsletter will go out to everyone who's signed up for Create 10 next week so you'll have plenty of time to gather supplies together for kick off on the 14th.
xx Leo

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