Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Everyday Quirky-ness

Hi there fellow crafty & quirky types.

I've been living with my Juicy Fruit Quirky kit for a few weeks now and, as I'm the kind of person who likes to leave stash within eye-shot [if that's even a word!!] in order to mull it over and happen upon an interesting way to use it, I've had this kit spread out on my craft room floor since it arrived.

I've been wanting to use the 'Cute Strawberry Label' acrylic stamp, which Leo had custom-made for this kit, from the start but wanted to wait for two things before using it. Those two things were:

1. waiting for the strawberries to ripen on the plant we have in our garden and
thinking of an interesting way to show it off!!!

Upon an inspection of our solitary strawberry plant yesterday afternoon I could rule out #1 straight away! A project based around a punnet of our first home-grown, ripe, red juicy strawbs is a loooong, long way off yet [yet, despite that, they will be featuring on a layout very soon anyway!]. So, instead, I thought I've come up with some ways in which you can turn your little strawberry stamp into the star of your daily domestic adventures!!! Here are a few suggestions.

Customise sticky labels to seal envelopes and parcels:

Stamp onto mini-Post-It notes to draw attention to important info in your diary: Create a colourful 'To Do' list:
If you're interested in further Post-It based inspiration you might be entertained by some of the amazing feats captured in one of these videos . They're not at all related to the Quirky kit ... but they are most certainly 'quirky' ...and I thought you might enjoy them as much as I do!

Set a personalised place at the table [cherry design ribbon and bugle beads: also from the kit]:

Finally .... [and less formally].... remind someone of what they mean to you with a surprise note:
I've loved finding small, yet useful, ways to use my 'Cute Strawberry Label' stamp but I'm sure you can find many more ways to put it to use in your everday lives. If so, don't be shy, there are no prizes for modesty here .... show us what you make!!!

As always, we'd love to see any projects you make using the Quirky kits. You can leave us a link in the comments section, come and chat with us on our thread over on http://www.ukscrappers.co.uk/ or failing that ...you can always wave your projects under my nose if you see me around ...

I'll be back with more Quirky kit projects soon,

Julie :)

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