Monday, 30 March 2009

Another few 'Things About Me'.

Hello all. I just thought I'd share another page from my '25 Things About Me' list which I'm scrapping using the latest Quirky kit: 'Note to Self' .
Luckily for me [and the 19 'things' I have left to scrap] this kit is jam-packed and bursting with bright, unusual and interesting items - so I'm not in any danger of running out just yet.

[For more of the pages I've made using the 'Quirky Kits' - past and present - then feel free to have a wander around my Crafty Templates Flickr set.]

I think my favourite thing on this whole page is the Sassafras Lass Paper Whimsies card [with the arrows] and I tried to match everyhting else on the layout to it's lovely combination of red, purple, black and white. And that strawberry trimming was just too nice to hide so I simply stapled it to my paper with about an inch overhanging so that it can be handled and used to turn the page as I'm not using any page protectors in my album of lists and randomness which it will be going in.

I know that this page is perhaps a little odd in places. For one thing it has no photograph, which isn't a way I usually work outside of Circle Journal entries, but it's one which I'm finding a really satisfying and quick means to achieve a finished piece. Add to that my little magazine clipping and the angry little speech bubble stickers [a gift from a friend - not from the kit] and I suppose I'm fulfilling my role as a designer with a 'Quirky kit'.

But just how quirky does that make me ... or you for that matter? To find out just how quirky you are then take the very quick How Quirky are You? personality quiz I stumbled across last week.

Luckily for me, it judged me to be quite far along the 'Quirky' scale and said I resided in an 'Alternative Universe' ... so now that it's official, I guess that means I get to keep my job as quirky kit designer for the time being!!!!

It'd be great fun to hear how you get on with your kits ...and the quiz!


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Claireliz said...

Great Idea for a project.