Saturday, 13 September 2008

Eek! Final Peek!

This is the last peek of the Christmas kit, tomorrow they'll be going up for pre-ordering on the main site. I will be linking it from here though too along with a nice big photo.
For a peek photo I've still crammed quite a bit in! There's still some stuff yet to show off too, I think it will be nice to keep some things a surprise for when you open it, goes with the Christmas theme and all that! I've got some pretty special bits and pieces just for wrapping it up in too :-D

On to the peek! We have ribbons - one of my favorite things! Along with the lush crochet laces I showed in previous peeks you also get some of the scrummiest ribbons. One is like a raffia with a silver edge it just reminded me of something a really decadent gift would be wrapped up with so I had to get that. There's some of the Bazzill polka dotty card too, that's what I wanted to show off the other week but it didn't turn up in time so I bought some more just for the peek! lol
There's another little peek of the Making Memories paper and some little crystal snowflakes that I found out match the centers of the snowflakes in it perfectly!
Envelopes I've included in the peek too because I think it's important to have some special ones, what's the point of making a mega special lush card and then having a plain white envelope to pop it in? So you defo need some lush envelopes to match your lush cards :-D
Stop by tomorrow for the pre-ordering details!
xx Leonora


leann said...

Ooooh, it looks beautiful!

bubblegum said...

Oooh can't wait for tomorrow Leo..I'm getting all excited. ;)