Thursday, 4 September 2008

3rd Christmas kit peek and Fabric Brads project!

Here is today's sneaky peeky of the Christmas kit! We've got lots of different and super cute brads, another paper peek too! There will be another one tomorrow, I'm expecting an extra special bit to get delivered so I'm hoping it will arrive in time for tomorrows peek!
I've got another fun project for you too today! Here's one I've been doing for a while now and it's a great way to get customised embellishments!

Fabric Brads
You'll need to gather together some brads, the larger and jumbo ones are easier to use, I've used some alphabet ones too because I have loads of odd ones of those going to waste. You'll also need some fabric of your choice (the one I've used is from the Quirky kit) and a scrap of craft foam, just that stuff that kids use to make foam shapes, I've used white but you can use any colour you have because it's going to get covered up. You'll also need some scissors and doublesided tape.

Cut out a square from the foam and the fabric, if you want to pick out a motif from your fabric make sure it's central on the square of fabric, you'll need it roughly 1cm larger than your brad. Apply some doublesided tape to the front of your brad.

Stick the foam over the brad and use the scissors to cut around it to make it the same shape as your brad.Apply more doublesided tape on top of the foam and stick it on to the center of your fabric square, if you want to make sure your get your motif central hold it up to the light and hold the brad behind the fabric.Now open out the prongs on the brad carefully and apply doublesided tape to the back of the brad.Fold the edges of the fabric in around the brad, pressing it down firmly to adhere it to the tape then push back down the brads prongs. You can stick more tape on top if it needs it, it all depends on how thick the fabric is you're using.
Make the smaller size ones in the same way but trim off the corners of the fabric to make it easier to fold round and push down at the back of the brad.
There we go, all done! Because the foam is underneath the fabric it means you can also sew on additional embellishments like little buttons and seed beads etc.

Have fun!

xx Leonora


secret scrapbooker said...

I was thinking of doing that, great to see that someone else has done it so well. Great way to make them your own. ;0)

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