Saturday, 1 December 2007

Have a Crafty Christmas!

This holiday season is the perfect time of year to experiment with your Crafty Templates. You can use them to make decorations for your home, decorate gifts or why not make some gifts? The spirit of giving can get a bit lost in all the manic shopping and spending and what better way is there to show you care than by spending time on a gift rather than spending time getting bored in that mahoosive queue!

Here I've used the ice cream sundae template to make a felt applique cover for a notebook. You can simply cover an inexpensive notebook or make one as I've done from scratch with a Bind-it-All bookbinding tool. Personalise them to your recipient with either the choice of template you use or by adding their name.

The Guinea pig was really fun to make! I again used felt and the Guinea Pig template cutting the pieces of the template out first then chalking around them onto the felt fabric. You'll need to cut two body pieces and two head pieces. Once the pieces were cut out I stitched on the face detail and then holding the two pieces of head so the right sides are facing stitched them together inside out, leaving a small gap so it can be turned back the right side out and stuffed. You do the same with the body pieces catching the feet on the inside. Once both pieces are made stitch the head to the body.

If you're making anything fun with your templates send me some piccys or share a link to your blog, have fun!

xx Leonora

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